CentrAlert Project

January 15, 2017

Project Details

When CentrAlert hired me in early 2017, they needed a brand new website, updated company messages, and social media channels. I interviewed key employees and edited existing content to create the next website text. Then, I hired and worked with a team of web developers to design, build, and launch the new website. I assisted with all aspects of the project, including choosing photos, optimizing the site for SEO, and deciding where the site should be hosted. Currently, I manage CentrAlert’s blog and social media accounts.

Published Work

I wrote or edited most of the text on the CentrAlert website. I also wrote all the blog posts. See some of the best posts and some press releases below:

CentrAlert Chosen to Safeguard Emergency Alert and Notification System at Sadara Chemical Company

Communicating with the Media about a Crisis

How Emergency Managers Use Drones to Manage Crises

Using Social Media to Manage a Crisis

About CentrAlert

CentrAlert produces Crisis-Driven Alert & Control (C-DAC), a site-wide emergency alert and notification system that coordinates multiple communication channels and initiates protective actions to mitigate the effects of a crisis.