Make your workday better with these expert home office ideas

March 1, 2019

When it comes to creating an inspiring home office that helps you perform best, it can be a challenging task to consider. But with more and more Americans working from home at any given time, LandonEdit turned to the interior designers at Décor Aid for expert advice on what’ll make your home office feel stylish, comforting, and best of all, practical.


What to keep in mind before beginning

  1. Location is key. Make sure that there is ample breathing room, privacy, and a sense of calmness to avoid feeling frazzled. And steer clear of loud high-traffic areas.
  2. Create a view. Even if your home office options are a basement or an attic, what you see can daily can instantly affect your spirit and performance. Create your home office space near a window if possible. And if it’s not, install an inspiring piece of artwork in front of your desk for captivating breaks during the day.
  3. Never form over function. Since we’re talking about a space that should help you perform best, unlike a living room, everything in it should be to your benefit. So if something looks great but is uncomfortable or not needed, do skip out on it for something that will benefit you better.


Bring in glamorous details

Lucky for you, you get to work in a customized home office that’s decorated around your taste and needs. So why shouldn’t it be just a bit glamorous? Create a decadent feel with high-shine accessories and finishes for a heightened sense of everyday glamor.


Go for artsy and eclectic

Bring your home office to life with artful and unexpected elements that’ll make it feel layered, visually stimulating, and well-judged without coming off as noisy or distracting.


Use proper storage

From cabinets to open shelving to stylish file storage, keeping everything organized and tidy is essential in any office space. And with smart storage solutions you’ll have an easier time retrieving and putting what you need away, so you can remain focused on what lies ahead.


Invest in a smart chair

It sounds like a no brainer, but more often than not, a well-designed, comforting home office chair gets forgotten. Save your back and invest in a quality, ergonomic office chair that will support you throughout the day in comfort and style.


Bring in what you cherish

Take quick breaks during the day by enjoying personal items that you cherish and find inspiring. By bringing in what you love, your home office space will boast a personalized and unique feel to it.


Add cozy elements

From pillows to cozy throw blankets to plush rugs underfoot, put comfort before form. When decorating your home office, always go for a warm and comforting feel so you can feel at ease in it.


Conceal tech gadgets and cords

Because a grouping of chords or a printer are far from stylish, conceal as many tech-related elements as you can with clever storage solutions and proper planning. In other words, these are the kind of distracting issues many offices face, and it’ll pay off to help avoid them.


Create a smart lighting scheme

Lighting can make all the difference and good lighting is essential in any office.  Bright natural light is a great bonus, but if you’re short on it, create a warm and comforting feel by bringing in a range of lights installed at different levels. This, in turn, will help you avoid a feel that’s too clinical while keeping you energized.


Bring in plants

Plants are an affordable and easy way to add a sense of the natural in an office space. And if you aren’t blessed with a natural greenthumb, there are scores of plants that don’t require much light or care. Plus, many types will purify the air around you.


Create a gallery wall

Surround yourself with familiar personal items by creating a gallery wall so you can take needed breaks while feeling comforted by framed family photos, graphic art, and memorabilia. Just be sure that what you do add won’t be distracting.


Implement windows or mirrors

Because natural daylight can help boost productivity, create a workstation in front of or near a window with inspiring views. But if your space doesn’t have a window, do bring in mirrors to reflect light and make the space appear larger and brighter.


Optimize your space

Whether you’re working in a small dual purpose space like your dining room or you’ve got an expansive personal office to yourself, it only makes sense to use as much square footage as possible to optimize the use of your work space. From floor to ceiling, use every possible area to your advantage as more often than not, work spaces are often cluttered at eye level while space below and above goes to waste.

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