• Content Creation
    Let's say you need web content about your alpaca grooming business and you just don't want to take time away from your precious alpacas to write it. We've got you. We can write pretty much anything. Tell us your idea, and we'll make it happen. Here are some of our favorite things to write:
    • Web Content
    • Company story/description
    • Blog posts
    • Press releases
    • Email marketing
    • Fliers/Brochures
  • Editing
    Let's say you finally wrote a book about your adventures backpacking through Europe, but grammar isn't your strong point. We're here for you. We offer line editing, macro-editing, and everything in-between. We can edit anything, but here are some of our favorite types of projects:
    • Books
    • Web content/blog posts
    • Job application materials (resumes/cover letters)
  • Marketing Overhaul
    Whether you're launching a new business or you already run one, we're here to help you market like a pro. Our goal is to tell your company story through marketing to connect with customers. Here's how it works:
    1. Typically we interview (the CEO, entrepreneur, or marketing manager) to find out what you need from us.
    2. We create a marketing plan with all of our recommendations.
    3. You decide which recommendations to implement.
    4. LandonEdit gets to work!
    We can provide any of the following (and more):
    • Website content update
    • Website redesign
    • Mission statement
    • Email marketing
    • Fliers/brochures
    • Blog management
    • Service descriptions
    • Social media management
    • Company story
    • Press releases
  • Online Marketing
    Are you running or starting a 21st-century business? Then you need online marketing. Contact us for help with:
    • Launching a website
    • Professional blogging
    • Content Management
    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Instagram) marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization